Both are a popular fiber for carpets today. Both have strengths to consider in choosing which one is best for your needs.  To determine which is better for you, we have a few questions.

What kind of foot traffic do you have in your home?

If you have a lot of foot traffic in the home, such as kids or a big family, you might want to consider nylon carpet. Nylon has an inherent strength that is unmatched by any but the strongest of fibers in the industry. You will find more carpet designs in nylon than anything else because of this durability.


If you have less foot traffic, you might want to consider polyester carpet. It has an inherent softness and a relaxing feeling underfoot. It is perfect for bedrooms or formal living rooms that don’t see as much foot traffic on halls or stairways.

What kind of stain resistance do you need?

You might want to look at polyester. It has an inherent stain resistance and will resist being discolored more readily than a nylon carpet. A nylon fiber needs to be treated with special chemicals to be as stain-resistant as polyester.

How durable do you need your carpet to be?

While having good padding is essential to the carpet lasting a long time,  as is the fiber. Nylon will last longer yet still look new year after year. Polyester may need to be replaced more often than nylon as it wears out sooner. If you want a color that stands out and has excellent clarity, polyester is what you are looking for. It allows the color to shine through. Nylon has a very tailored look, very upscale and professional.

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