Gray has evolved into one of the most popular wood flooring colors. These floors have been gaining popularity for the past decade and are here to stay. They're expected to remain sought after for many more years.

The new neutral

Gray floors give the home a modern, sleek look. They can, however, work just as well with rustic farmhouse styles as with urban or industrial chic.

Gray is a neutral backdrop for bold, contrasting colors, such as red, aqua, black, and white. That makes a stunning design statement!

Aspen Granite by Mullican is just one of the many spectacular gray planks of wood you'll see at our hardwood flooring company. You might also check out the Ambience Collection by Lauzon.

Visual enlargement

Lighter gray hues visually enlarge a space, making it look bigger and brighter. They're appealing and give a space an open, airy feeling. That's a benefit for all of you who might have a smaller room!

Different undertones = a whole new look

Gray comes in many shades, and they all have different undertones. An undertone is a secondary color and is just as important as the primary one.

You can create any look you want. For example, solid hardwood flooring with warm tones like yellow or brown creates a subtle, neutral atmosphere. Darker grays with blue tones are sleek and more serene.

More functional?

Light gray floors are great for hiding scuffs, scratches, and light-colored dust and dirt.

On the other hand, a dark gray floor hides wear much better, That makes them ideal for high traffic areas.

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