Yes, you can get planks of various widths. Sometimes called random width flooring, these planks can be mixed and matched to combine unique layouts and even make a small room look larger. Whether engineered or solid hardwood flooring, you’ll find a variety of plank sizes in our hardwood flooring company.

Random width planks: design trend to create distinctive arrangements

Becoming popular in the mid-1800s, mixed-width was made to cut logs more efficiently, and it wasn't unusual to see both narrow and wide boards in the same room in those 1800s homes.  Today, they'll give your home that antique feeling of a historic home.

While the most favored combinations are three, five, and seven-inch widths, you'll also sometimes see four, six, and eight-inch arrangements, which can look great in any atmosphere, from modern to classic to traditional.

Hardwood patterns are all the rage right now

While horizontal stripes will always be a favorite, more and more are creating layouts, such as staggered, offset, grid, weaves, and parquet herringbone or chevron. Diagonal strips, also popular, require more cutting, but they can visually open a smallish room with those 45-degree angles that add depth and design.

Wood flooring: the distinctive choice

Whether solid or engineered, hardwood is elegant and will uplevel your home like no other, so it's only natural to want unique patterns and layouts. In addition, it has countless functional benefits,  lasts for decades (sometimes up to 100 years), and adds value to a property.  Vacuum regularly without beater bars and clean periodically with a damp mop and manufacturer-approved wood cleaner.

Employ common sense everyday routines, such as placing mats strategically at entrances and in front of sinks, using protective furniture feet to avoid scratches, and keeping pet nails trimmed.

At Floorz by Bill, our motto is: "Changing the world one room at a time," and if you want to change your room with wood flooring, our professionals will help you create a unique style.  In Trenton, MI, we work with homeowners and businesses in Grosse Ile, Woodhaven, Brownstown, and Gibraltar. Be sure to ask about our free quotes.